Hi! I'm Caroline.  I am 22 yr old College grad with a B.A. in Communications who loves to eat and read books.  My boring and uneventful life is transformed when I dive into a good book.  At the same time, I love good food.  Cooking/baking, reading, and music are my daily indulgences.  I wanted to start this blog to share my passions with everyone else.  

This is a chain award-free blog.  

My Ratings:
1 Kiss = I didn’t like it

2 Kisses= Ok; not my type of book

3 Kisses= Good.

4 Kisses= Great.  Definitely Read it!

5 Kisses LOVE LOVE LOVED it. Could not stop thinking about it!!

My Review Policy:
(Current Wait: 5 months)
  • Books I Read:  Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, Historical Romance, Historical Fiction, some biographies (rarely), Classics, YA, chick-lit, Fiction, some Horror/Thriller, Fantasy
  • Books I Don't Read:  Most Biographies, History (nonfiction), most Young Children (little kids- picture books), Most Horror/Thriller
  • I have the right to decline offers to read/review a book that doesn't appeal to me.
  • Formats: Hard copy, PDF, any format readable on the Kindle
  • To request a review please email me.
    • If there is a specific date that you want the review out by, please include that in the email.  
    • Hard copies received may be (not always) included in giveaways unless otherwise notified/requested (not to be).
  • Reviews are published on this blog, Goodreads, Amazon, and sometimes B&N.
  • All my reviews are my honest opinions.  Bad reviews are given with the understanding that the book may not be my type but others may still enjoy it.  
  • I do not guarantee a review.  I am a full time student, so many times reading gets put on hold for studies.  However, if you have sent me your book, I shall do my best to read and review it in a timely manner.  
  • Disclaimer: I do not get paid (money) to write these reviews.  I do it for my own enjoyment.  I love love love love love recommending books to people.  I love talking about them even more.  Any books I receive for "free" are given to me in return for an honest review.-in compliance with the FTC


(As of June 10, 2012)
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Food Blog Info:
I will do my best to give credit where it is due in terms of the recipes.For example, if I found a recipe on a website I will credit the website and/or post a link to it.
The playlists for each book are songs that remind me of the book.   

I post book related links, videos, and songs of the day on the Bon Bons and Reveries Facebook page.  Like!

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