Friday, February 25, 2011

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Follow Friday is hosted by Parajunkee's View.  Both Follow Friday and The Blog Hop are great ways to find new blogs and network your own.  This week's blog feature is Totally Obsessed!
Question:  Share your current fav. television show!  Tell us a bit about it...
My Answer:  It's tied between FRIENDS and Glee.  If you haven't seen FRIENDS-get out from under that rock.  Same thing goes for Glee.  I've loved FRIENDS for years, my love for this show started around the time the series ended.  It will always be #1.  I've seen every episode countless times and I still laugh like it's the first time.  I still cry I'm laughing so hard.  I first saw Glee the summer before it premiered on FOX when itunes was selling the first episode for free.  So I got it, mostly because it was free.  And loved it!!!! I love music (obviously) and Glee is like an hour long weekly musical.  

Book Blogger Hop
The Blog Hop is hosted by Crazy-For-Books
Question:  Do you ever wish you would have named your blog something different?
My Answer:  No.  I love the name I chose.  I spent weeks with a thesaurus trying to come up with it.


Jenny said...

Hi! Happy Follow Friday. You have a great blog & I'm a new follower. Come visit me!

Jenny @ Into The Morning Reads

Jenni Elyse said...

I love Friends. It's such a great show and I love watching reruns on TV.

Charli Mac said...

New Follower.

I love 30 Rock. How can you not love a show that coins phrases like...

"I want to go to there."

"I love this cornbread so much I wanna take it behind a middle school and get it pregnant."

"What the what!"

"I can't eat this, I'm a foodie."

"I'm wearing a tux 'cause its after six. What am I, a farmer?"

"Oh my god, where are my manners? Do you wanna try meth?"

"I never sleep on planes. I don't wanna get 'incepted.'"

"Goodnight cheese."

"First of all, I look weird there because I'm snarting."

Ok. You have to be a fan after "snarting". That's a sneeze fart.

Brenda Youngerman said...

hopping through

Andrea said...

I love Friends! I haven't watched Glee, but after seeing it in so many posts perhaps I should give it a try. I am a new follower. :)

Reading Lark's Follow Friday & Hop

Jessica said...

I liked watching Friends! My fave fave episode ever was one of the somewhat earlier seasons when Joey was reading Little Women and Rachel was reading The Shining, and Joey ended up ruining some of the book for her so she in turn did that to him for Little Women!! At the end he was crying because Beth was sick so he put the book in the freezer!

Old Follower
Here's my Friday Hops

Have a GREAT weekend!

Natalie (Mindful Musings) said...

I love Glee! I have to admit that I didn't watch much of Friends when it was on, but I've always meant to go back and catch up.

Have a great weekend!

Vicki said...

Never watched Friends at all, but I'm a tried and true Gleek. Hope you have a great weekend!

Logan E. Turner said...

Friends is one of my favorite shows of all time. Like you, no matter how many times I see an episode, it always makes me laugh.

I like your name too! Your banner is really cool too.

Thanks for hopping by. I'm your newest follower!

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