Thursday, December 2, 2010

Follow Friday and Blog Hop!

It's friday again!  I love participating in these each week.  Follow Friday is hosted by Parajunkee's View and the Book Blogger Hop is hosted by Crazy-for-Books.

This Week's Question:  What do you do besides reading/reviewing as a hobby?
My Answer:  I listen to music, dance when no one is watching, sing like crazy, play the piano, pretend that I know what I'm doing with a guitar, AND make videos (music, trailers, etc.) on my laptop <3

Book Blogger Hop

This Week's Question:  What very popular and hyped book in the blogosphere did you NOT enjoy and how did you feel about posting your review?
My Answer:  I've only been blogging for about a month so I have yet to read a popular and hyped book that I did not like. 


Moonlight Gleam said...

Following through Follow friday! Return the favor?

The Slowest Bookworm said...

Very similar answer to me :)

Susan said...

So glad to have found you via the Hop. It's always fun to "meet" another blogger with a passion for books. I can't wait to read more of your reviews!

Stacy (UrbanFantasyInvestigations) said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. Happy Friday

Stacy @ Urban Fantasy Investigations

Meghan said...

Dance when no one's watching...haha sounds a lot like me. New Follower.

Jenny said...

Happy Friday Caroline! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope you have a wonderful weekend:)

Danielle @ Romance Book Junkies said...

Yay! It's Friday! I'm so glad for the week to be over maybe now I can get some reading time in. I'm stopping by for the Blog Hop and Follow Friday. I hope you have a awesome weekend!

I'm an old follower. =)

Romance Book Junkies

Aimee said...

Those all sound like fun! I dance and sing when no one is around. I'm a new follower! My Hop is at Coffee Table Press

Xbellamayx said...

thanks for following and yea :) but you gotta love sims and I followed back

Jenny said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yours is so cute! I am a new follower. Enjoy your weekend!

Sugarbeat said...

Hi There!
I followed you through the hop! I'm an old follower but I enjoy wandering through your blog! Drop by and say hi!

pussreboots said...

My tastes are so eclectic I'm not usually reading popular fiction while it's still popular. You can my full answer here. Happy Blog Hop.

Lori said...

Just hopping through on the Blog Hop and thought I would say "Hello". So, Hello :)


Escape Between The Pages

Carissa said...

Hey Caroline! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and become a follower. I'm swingin by to return the favor and follow you too!

I think it's great that you haven't had to write a negative review yet, although I'm sure it will happen. Hopefully, not too frequently though.

Happy Hop!

Sonette said...

Hi Caroline. Good to see you hopping by! Love your sight especially the newbie blues feature, being a newby and all *wink*! Hope to chat soon! Enjoy the weekend. Oh and I'm your newest follower!

Sonette @

Howard Sherman said...

I love it! A question pertaining something other than books! Here's the
short list of what I'm doing when I'm not reading:

Cooking, gaming, gambling, drinking, smoking, golfing and sometimes even
watching TV.

I expound on all of the above at my blog. Follow me here -

Howard Sherman

The Shrinking Violet said...

I too, dance when no one is looking! Except once someone did see. I didn't know who to feel more sorry for; me or the poor person who had to witness that.

Nina B. said...

Thanks for following my blog!

I am now your newest follower :D

I also dance when no one is looking because I think I'm still pretty bad at it. :D

Nina B. @ Brush Up On Your Reading

Zakiya LadyWings said...

Congrats on making it through your first month of blogging! I hope you're enjoying it so far! :D

Happy Reading,
Zakiya @ Butterfly Feet Walking on Books

Anaiz said...

Ha, "pretend that I know what I'm doing with a guitar" love it! I'm a newbie book blogger too, hope you're having a blast too! Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful weekend!

Laura said...

Hey Caroline! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you have a great weekend as well :o) Happy hopping!

Dana Wright said...

Happy Follow Friday. I am a new follower.


Dana @ bookgirlknitting

brandileigh2003 said...

I like to write, watch hockey, play board games, and video games
I am hopping by from Follow Friday. I am following you and would love it if you follow me back! Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

GREYZ said...

Reviews should remain honest regardless of what is written and how it sounds like and this just shows that loving or liking a book really depends on a person preference and type. that's why we have a wider range of genres and authors to choose from.

Dropping by via the hop. I would love to see you over at Clandestine Sanctuaryand read my answer to this question. I am your newest follower.

Have a great weekend!

Maidenveil said...

Hi! Just dropping by from the hop. :) FF back. :)

Wow! I used to play the piano but that was a loooong time ago. :)

Have a nice weekend!

-Len of Musings of a Reader Happy

Susan said...

I stopped over from the hop. Very nice blog. Keep going! I've only been at it a couple of months but I'm enjoying blogging. I love your name/theme. We had snow last night and now I wish I was sipping hot chocolate instead of coffee.
Susan from ReadingWorld.

Lisanna Saunders said...

New follower here to return the favour. Thanks for stopping by!

I totally understand you; I always have my earphones glued to my ears!

Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

Happy weekend!

I've given your blog an award.

Crystal ♥ said...

Hi Caroline! Hoppin on over, thanks for stopping by! I'm returning the love =) New follower
Have a great weekend and happy reading!

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